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A Celebration of Wales in London!

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Wales Week London is the annual showcase of activities and events that celebrates and promotes everything that is great about Wales.

As the new Business Officer for the Wales in London Society, I started off my role with an exhilarating visit to the UK’s capital. Collaborating with my colleagues, four of us; Pryderi, Gwenllian, Lois, and myself; spent 2 days exploring the city during Wales Week London, an annual celebration of all things Welsh. It was difficult to choose which events to attend, with 129 to choose from! 

We started on Thursday with Menter a Busnesbusiness panel discussion. Menter a Busnes are an independent company that support individuals, businesses and organisations in Wales to start and develop their business. Though the rain was pouring outside, it was an energetic vibe inside the Other World building, listening to a panel event hosted by Menter a Busnes’ CEO, Llyr Roberts. The panel consisted of 4 young Welsh talents, speaking confidently and openly about their careers and tech initiatives.  

There was no plan B, I was confident that this was going to work out!

– Elin Mai, Style Doctors

Elin Mai of Style Doctors, originally from Anglesey, explained why it was so vital for her to succeed. “There was no plan B, I was confident that this was going to work out!” she explained, despite her honesty about the sleepless nights and the emotional toll being a CEO and founder bring. 

Dafydd Loughran of Concentric Health discussed his issues of being introverted in an industry full of confident extroverts. A trained surgeon and now a successful businessman, Dafydd helps provide technology to thousands of hospital patients annually.  

“I’m really s*** at having a boss, but I love work!” was how Gav Murphy explained his reason to start his own business. Combining his passion for games with his self-sufficient nature, Gav now runs a business in the games sector in London. The best part of his journey has been the ability to see the effects of his work across the globe.   

I’m really s*** at having a boss, but I love work!

Gav Murphy, RKG


The final member of the panel was Kate Jefferyes, who is Microsoft’s account director for the NHS. Katie highlighted her passion for growing the number of women who work in science. In her first job, the industry was so patriarchal, there wasn’t even a women’s toilet!! But things are changing, with policies now focusing on supporting women.  

The emerging message from their panel discussion was clear; go out there and collaborate and connect with people, work hard, and business will flourish.  

M-SParc were one of the partners for the next event, which was ‘Invest in the Future of Wales,’ lead by the British Business Bank Wales. Hosted at Mansion House, the event showcased investment opportunities in the Welsh tech ecosystem, with pitching presentations from innovative businesses.  

Those involved where “not just businesses, but beacons of entrepreneurship,” as said by Alderman Tim Levene of Augmentum Fintech. Excited for these opportunities, investors explored different collaboration opportunities via a speed networking session. We supported Anna Roberts of Explorage, one of our innovative tenants; and listened to an array of ideas from brilliant businesses, such as Zero Fintech, who want to use technology to tackle personal responsibility to Climate Change; and Final Rentals, one of the world’s fastest growing car rental brands.

Wales needs its diaspora like never before.

– Lord Dafydd Wigley

Last but not certainly least, we attended the St David’s Day Dinner with the Wales in London Society at the Guildhall Gallery. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be supporting the movement for the next year – focusing on rebranding and growing the network of Welsh diaspora in London and bringing best practice from London to Wales. The gala kicked off with drinks in the Old Library, followed by dinner in the Great Hall, and concluded with more drinks and fabulous Welsh singing at The Trading House on Gresham Street. 

The evening included a keynote speech by Lord Dafydd Wigley of Caernarfon on the historical ties between Wales and London, emphasising the contributions of Welsh Diaspora to the Welsh economy. Significant to our efforts with the Wales in London Society, he highlighted how “Wales needs its diaspora like never before.” 

The spotlight shone on Aled Rosser, who won the Community Foundation Wales Award with his efforts in Theatre, and Côr Llundain who captivated the audience with renditions of Welsh classics, such as Calon Lan and O Gymru, and they closed the evening wonderfully leading the entire hall in singing Hen Wlad fy Nhadau!   

It was an unforgettable experience, and a valuable opportunity to build and strengthen the Wales in London network. I look forward to taking the network to the next level!

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Tom Burke

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