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Skills Academy

The M-SParc Skills Academy has been set up to bridge the skills gap in north Wales, particularly in digital, science, technology and creative fields.

There are employees across the region looking to grow their workforce with skilled people, while on the other hand there are graduates, people who are under-employed or looking for a career change, who are looking for work but may be finding it difficult to gain experience.

The Academy aims to solve this by providing opportunities including degree apprenticeships, and work placements.

A six-month placement funded by M-SParc in a relevant sector

Work with leading companies in the science, technology and the creative fields

Develop your skills and network with some of the most exciting businesses in north Wales

Potential for other opportunities as well, such as degree apprenticeships and more.

Academi Skills members with Emily on the first floor

Joining the Skills Academy

We currently have 18 opportunities to join our Skills Academy, working in industry for up to 6 months and gaining valuable experience!

As a business, you can apply for a member of the Academy to join your team.  As an individual, you can apply for a sought-after position as an Academy Member to get a foot in the door.   This is a highly competitive programme with limited placements.

How the Academy can help you

The placements will be with companies at M-SParc and the surrounding ecosystem, and allow the Academy members to gain valuable work experience and develop their skills. 

They may then find employment with the company they are placed with, or will be in a much better position to find employment following their time at the Academy.

Click the video to hear from our first two Academy members, Kieran and Rhodri, to learn about their experiences and how the Academy has helped them!

Things are going exceptionally well with the academy; it has exceeded my expectations. I initially believed it would be beneficial but not particularly enjoyable, akin to an apprenticeship. However, it is quite the opposite. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience and having a great time learning. The academy is providing me with valuable experience and building a strong knowledge base that would have been challenging to acquire elsewhere. It is preparing me well for the future.

Meet some of our Academy Members below and find out more about the businesses they're enjoying their placements with!

Osian Evans - Pontio

Anthony Stayner - Carnedd

Owain Stringer - Eryri Consulting

Hannah Ashworth - Yoke Creative Agency

Louie Cotton - TAPE

Carwyn Jones - AerialWorx

Hannah Cash - Hwb Creadigol

Olivia Jones - S4C

Our Skills academy graduates

Pryderi ap Rhisiart, profile photo in meeting room

Want to know more about the Skills Academy?

We are currently looking for a Skills Academy Degree Apprentice!

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable work experience and achieve an industry-relevant degree at no cost. Get paid for 3 years whilst you study and work at M-SParc!

More information here.

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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager

Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.