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Become an M-SParc Angel

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Anyone can join the Angel M-SParc network!

By becoming an Angel you will have the opportunity to:

  • Support new ideas and enterprise, creating jobs and wealth in north Wales
  • Invest and make a return on investment
  • Mentor individuals and bring value to businesses
  • Choose the companies you want to invest in
  • Invest as part of syndicate

What is an Angel?

An Angel Investor is an individual who provides financial backing for start-up businesses or entrepreneurs. Typically, this is done in exchange for some equity in the company they are investing in. The investment can be a one-off, or a commitment to provide regular support over a period of time.

Why should I become an M-SParc Angel?

The M-SParc Angel network is different to other Angel Investment platforms. You can invest, knowing you’re making a difference to the local economy and supporting innovative ventures. Smaller cash injections can help a business get access to further match funding which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

The M-SParc Angel network will be accessible through the MySparc app – launching soon! MySparc will enable Angels to choose what companies, products, or ideas to invest in. It’s as easy as scrolling through and choosing which companies you want to ‘match’ with. The companies you will see will all be from the region, and you can even narrow it down to choose from just those right on your doorstep. Become part of something bigger, an ecosystem and a community of people sharing knowledge and investing in the future of Wales. You’ll also be invited to events such as live Pitching events, where you’ll have further opportunities to grow your connection and invest

Remember you’ll also be getting a non-financial return; the mentoring and supporting of a new company can provide connections and relationships that can last years, and pay you back in unexpected ways in the future.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the following form to express interest in becoming a member of our Angel Network.

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Want to know more?

Get in touch with our Managing Director, Pryderi, who will be happy to help!