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M-SParc Welcomes Bangor University Council to Foster Collaborative Innovation

Charlie Jones

In a display of collaboration and shared commitment to fostering local economic growth, M-SParc, Bangor University’s Science Park, welcomed the University Council of Bangor University on the 4th of May. The Vice-Chancellor also attended and opened the event.

As the governing body of the university, the Council plays a crucial role in shaping its future direction. This visit served as an opportunity for M-SParc to present its work and discuss the shared focus on employability; an important aspect for both M-SParc and Bangor University. 

M-SParc has always been dedicated to fostering local talent and creating well-paid, high-level careers for the people of North Wales. By bringing together industry, academia, and entrepreneurship, the Science Park provides a unique ecosystem where innovation thrives. With a focus on preparing graduates for the ever-evolving job market, M-SParc and the University Council align their efforts to ensure students possess the skills and knowledge necessary for successful careers.

The exchange of ideas and expertise between the Science Park and Bangor University creates a dynamic environment that propels the region’s growth and positions it as a hub for cutting-edge research and development.

Visits like these serve as valuable opportunities for M-SParc to receive constructive input and further refine their approach to fostering innovation and employability. 

Beyond the presentation by M-SParc, the meeting allowed tenants of the Science Park to showcase their own innovations to a fresh audience. This opportunity to discuss their work with the University Council opened doors for collaboration and potential partnerships. The tenants greatly appreciated the chance to engage with the Council, expanding their network and amplifying the impact of their innovations.

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