Hogan raises the bar

One tenant company that is truly setting the bar high is The Hogan Group, a Construction Materials and Highway Maintenance Business.

A Waterfall of Data

Two of our tenants, EvoMetric and Lafan Consulting, have been collaborating on a project called Dewin.Dwr. This aims to innovate how users test for pollutants in water, potentially revolutionising farming!

The M-SParc Skills Academy

Academi Skills group outside in front of M-SParc

The M-SParc skills academy was established to bridge the skills gap. M-SParc acted as the employer, and paid the wages of over 40 people for 6 months, while they were placed in industry. Click the link below to find out how they got on, and follow their journey.


Photo of the PlantSea team taken on the first floor of M-SParc

Looking to turn the tide on plastic pollution, PlantSea Ltd have big ambitions! We all know that plastic is bad for our environment, and how microplastic is detrimental to our health. PlantSea Ltd are creating plastic alternatives for things we use every day, and we’re excited to have them with us here at M-SParc.

The Green Eagle

The Green Eagle drone on the first floor of M-SParc

We secured SBRI Welsh Government funding for a Net Zero farming project to create a Low Carbon solution for tacking weeds in agriculture! By working in collaboration with two of our tenant companies – 42able and Aerialworx – we were able to create and test a prototype that will save money and help the environment! Read more about this exciting project below.


Haia and M-SParc team photo on the building's balcony

Haia.live are developing an exciting and innovative online events platform! Haia will allow full accessibility and automated translation, allowing online and hybrid events to be fun and easy to organise and attend. Haia recently closed their first investment round in securing £680,000 of funding! Find out more about their story, and how you can use Haia.