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Cefn Du is noted in the rentals list of the Baron Hill in 1707 (archive reference Baron Hill 4742) and the rentals list for the Henllys estate in 1751 (reference Henllys 1164).

It was noted by a local resident that Cefn Du previously came under the Carreglwyd estate, and the relevant information is below.

As shown, work took place at ‘Cefn dy’ for the Rev. Mr Holland on March the 6th 1739, and Wages and costs incurred by the erection of a cow house at ‘Cefn Du’ for Mr Holland in November 1739.  Although Cefn Du has a different spelling in the first instance, we can assume both refer to the same Cefn Du.

There is also a map of Cefn Du from circa 1815

There is also reference to Cefn Du in a book called Trafodion Môn from 1928 

There is also a map from 1887 again showing the farm

We’re proud to remember the history of this site, which supported a family for two generations, and which now supports over 200 families as they come to work in the M-SParc Building. The farmer himself now runs a new farm the other side of Gaerwen.

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