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Nature Walk and Workshop

M-SParc On Tour

M-SParc On Tour Caernarfon

In-person event

March 25, 2022


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About this event

A walk looking at the different plants that grow in the area, how they are used, collecting the ones that are suitable for whatever we choose to produce and then go and create it.

1. A presentation on the flora of our locality and their uses.

2. A tour looking at things that grow locally and how they are used … to eat, benefit for the body, and other things.

3. A practical workshop on how to create a product for the benefit of the body.

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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager

Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.