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Conferencing and Events Space

Our conference and event space is designed to help encourage networking, supprt innovation, and leave you feeling inspired

The Tanio event space

At M-SParc, we can host conferences with up to 120 delegates. Could we be suitable for your event?

The Tanio conference area has free, fast Wi-Fi for all your guests.
We also have on-site catering, provided by Becws Mon.

M-SParc has a focus on low carbon, energy and environemnt, ICT, and natural produts.
Events outside of this scope but within the business community are hosted.
Please note that events not in the business sector will be considered at the Park’s discretion.

Our opening hours are 8:30-5:00 Monday – Friday, however we can open in the evenings if staff are available.
The space is part of the public cafe area, and so please note we cannot guarantee confidentiallity at your event.
To discuss your event, get in touch!


We can also offer Hybrid Event services, providing a PTZ camera and microphone to stream your Event live to a wider audience! This works with our own computer, built in to our lectern.  The cost for a hybrid addition to your Event is £50

View of Tanio from the first floor

Provided as part of the cost, with no hidden charges.

  • Two large television screens
  • Height-adjustable lectern with built-in computerHDMI connection to plug your own device in
  • Speakers and sound built in
  • Radio mic provided
  • Electronic clicker
  • Support on hand throughout the event (by request)

Tanio Costs

Up to four hours


Per Day


Out of hours

£50 / per hour

M-SParc Tenants, PlantSea

PlantSea's Success Story

Looking to turn the tide on plastic pollution, PlantSea Ltd have big ambitions! We all know that plastic is bad for our environment, and how microplastic is detrimental to our health. PlantSea Ltd are creating plastic alternatives for things we use every day, and we're excited to have them with us here at M-SParc.
Pryderi ap Rhisiart, profile photo in meeting room

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