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A Summer work experience with an innovative twist…

Picture of Charlie Jones

In our #OnTour locations, we ran a summer Work Experience program for 16-25-year-olds.

Every day we are faced with issues where we think “I wish that someone would make something to solve this problem, I wish I could help these people by doing x,y and z” and that is exactly what 4 ambitious young people from Anglesey and Gwynedd did in our #OnTour locations.

The aim of this scheme was to get young people thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset and to submit the business idea they have! They would then receive funding and business support from M-SParc to help their ideas get off the ground.

Siwan Jones doing a focus group in Bangor Universities Freshers Fair
Our Summer Support Start-Up program receiving support from Big Ideas Wales

Whilst #OnTour they had access to the Ffiws maker space where they have been able to prototype and test their amazing ideas with the assistance of our Ffiws technician. They also received desk space for free and attended several events from the Enterprise Hub and Big Ideas Wales.

4 of the successful candidates from the scheme are Cian Woodford, Ffion Bee, Siwan Jones and Isabella Castellanos.

Ffion Bee showcasing her poster in Welcome Week
Isabella Castellanos with her printed work she created for M-SParc

Both Ffion and Isabella have made posters of their work for us here at M-SParc and attended the Fresher’s fair at Bangor University, they also attended on the day to hand out the posters to students and promote the M-SParc brand.

Siwan, who is a graduate from Bangor University, has been receiving support and funding from the University through B-enterprising. She has further received help and support through this scheme. Siwan also took the opportunity in the welcome week to run a focus group with students on her the book boxes she has been creating. 

We will continue to support the young entrepreneurs on their business journey and wish them all the best in the future!

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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager

Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.