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M-SParc Unveil Plans for Second Building

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Bangor University and M-SParc unveil plans for the second building on the M-SParc site designed to solidify North Wales as a powerhouse for low carbon innovation.

The plan to build a second building has taken a step forward as designs for the new building are unveiled for the first time. This project aims to leverage Bangor University’s academic strength and M-SParc’s business expertise to create a diverse and thriving economic base, supporting the region’s transition to a low-carbon future. With a focus on creating high-quality jobs and upskilling opportunities, the project, known as the Egni Project, will drive economic development.

The second building will serve as a central hub for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger manufacturers in the low carbon sector. M-SParc’s success stems from being able to provide their tenant companies with dedicated and specialist support to help them grow, and in turn to help them create well-paid careers in the region.  Over 200 new employment opportunities and 60 work upskilling placements have been created since the park opened in 2018.

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It’s exciting to be able to share these initial designs of the second building. The project team has been working hard to design a functional building that fits in with the iconic M-SParc hub building and yet has its own identity. We’re really looking forward to bringing new opportunities to the region to ensure well-paid and exciting careers for the people of North Wales.
Dr. Debbie Jones

Low Carbon Innovation Manager at M-SParc

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One key aspect of the project is the growth of the University’s low-carbon research, including the Nuclear Futures Institute (NFI). This investment will create a powerful innovation ecosystem bridging the gap between academic research and real-world applications, attracting top talent and further investment through the inclusion of a large innovation hall and a dedicated materials analysis laboratory.

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By leveraging academic strength and business expertise, the new building will create high-quality jobs, upskill opportunities, and foster an innovation ecosystem that bridges academic research with real-world applications, driving economic development in the region
Michael Flanagan

Chief Operating Officer at Bangor University

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Egni forms part of the North Wales Growth Deal – Low Carbon Energy Programme. The development will focus on creating new high value jobs, attracting investment into the region, as well as contributing to reaching net-zero targets. £3.94m has been allocated by Ambition North Wales to support the project subject to final approval post procurement.

Hedd Vaughan-Evans, Head of Operations at Ambition North Wales, added: “It’s fantastic to see progress being made through the publication of these plans and designs. The Egni project is a key part of our Low Carbon Energy programme within the North Wales Growth Deal and I would encourage all interested companies to sign up for the contractor event on 19th July to learn more about this upcoming tender opportunity.”

The designs will be made publicly available for local people and businesses to get a first look at the inspiring space. A consultation afternoon will be held on Thursday 18th of July – drop-in to M-SParc to find out more or if unable to attend email learn more about the project.

In addition, Bangor University, M-SParc and project partners would like to invite interested contractors for this project to visit the site at M-SParc on Friday 19th July (10:00 -12:00) to discuss the plans and the requirements of the tender process.

If you would like to attend the Contractor Event, please complete the online form and return to Olivia Cahill, Procurement Administrator before 18th July 2024. This information will only be used to ascertain the likely number of firms attending.

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