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M-SParc and the Eisteddfod work together to develop technology and the Welsh language

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The National Eisteddfod, taking place at Ceredigion this August, is forming an exciting partnership with Wales’ first dedicated Science Park – M-SParc, to develop the Science and Technology Village, celebrate Welsh language innovation, lead on supporting skills for young people, and look to the Eisteddfod of the future!

Together, the Eisteddfod and M-SParc are transforming what it means to be innovative and are encouraging people to think about Wales as a place of change, prosperity, and opportunity.  M-SParc this year are responsible for leading on the arrangements for the new Science and Technology village – previously just one pavilion – in Ceredigion and are also already making the arrangements for the 2023 Eisteddfod in Llŷn and Eifionydd.  

The village will host events, displays, activities, experiments, discussions, talks, lectures, and more, all in the Science and Technology sector with companies and organisations from all over Wales providing the entertainment.  M-SParc have shared a vision with the Eisteddfod of ramping things up a gear for Pen Llyn, ensuring it’s an unforgettable week sure to inspire anyone who visits.


Pryderi ap Rhisiart, Managing Director of M-SParc said “When we heard the Eisteddfod were looking for someone to help co-ordinate the Village, we jumped at the chance. The more people we can inspire and reach to develop their interest in Science and Technology, particularly Welsh people who maybe feel a disconnect between those sectors and what they believe is available here in Wales, the better.  Innovation requires creativity, which is available in abundance on the Maes!”

The Eisteddfod 2022

Betsan Moses, Eisteddfod Chief Executive added, “We’ve been delighted with how the Science and Technology Village has developed this year, and we’re excited to hear what the team at M-SParc have in store for next year.  We’re also discussing a number of innovative ideas with the team and look forward to co-operating closer over the next few months.”


M-SParc have already worked with the Eisteddfod to discuss supporting a Hybrid Eisteddfod, alongside Haia, a company based at M-SParc who are developing the first fully accessible online events platform, with automated Welsh translation.  Together Haia, M-SParc and the Eisteddfod are exploring options for hosting parts of the Eisteddfod live, accessible from anywhere.


“There’s no reason for people who maybe feel they can’t access the Eisteddfod, whether that be for health reasons, geography, or anything else, to miss out, and we’re in discussion on this going forward.  We’re excited to see how these discussions develop over the next few months” said Tom Burke, co-founder and CEO of Haia. M-SParc are part owners of Haia, having recognised its potential positive impact on Welsh communities.


On Thursday the 4th of August, language and innovation really come together at the Eisteddfod for the Language Technology Day.  Business from M-SParc including Haia, Schloc, an international video game translation company, Bangor University’s Language Techology Unit, Ogi Ogi, who are developing a Welsh language learning app for parents alongside M-SParc tenants, and more, will be present to showcase their work.


A panel discussion on Language Technology and the Opportunities for Wales will take place at 1pm.  Sioned Young of Mwydro will feature on the panel, as she recently won M-SParc and the Welsh Government’s Welsh Language Hack, answering the challenge of how new technology can develop ways for existing Welsh speakers to use the language more in their daily lives.  Sioned will focus on her work of community workshops in working class areas, leading to the development of Welsh language gifs for social media which will allow Welsh speakers to keep communicating in their native language – why say Menai Bridge instead of Porthaethwy?


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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager

Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.