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Explorage.com Launches New Platform

Emily Roberts

Explorage.com, the online marketplace for self storage, is proud to announce the launch of a new and improved platform.

Following a successful fund raise in the Autumn, the Anglesey based company set to work soft-launching the first version of the site. This new platform, however, marks the first big milestone for the team who continue to push on with determination and passion.  


Worth an estimated £48 billion annually, the global storage market is big business. There are approximately 27,000 new storage bookings each month in the UK yet finding, comparing and reserving the right solution has previously been inconsistent and long-winded.

CEO and founder, Anna Roberts highlighted, “Since launching we have been intensely listening to storage operators and customers sharing their experience, problems, and ideas about how both we, and the industry as a whole, could be improved. This gives us meaningful insight to create innovative solutions and improvements, that deliver real value. We soft launched in November with what we called “version 0.9”. We knew we’d quickly outgrow it, hence the name, and wanted to be led by our customers on how to improve it. The new “version 1.0” is a big leap forward in terms of user experience and technical capabilities and puts Explorage on a great footing from which to continue to learn and build”.

The most obvious change with the new site is it’s fresh new look, designed to be simple, friendly and intuitive. Anna continued, “We are about making life easier for people, and we believe in doing this by communicating with people as humans first. Applying basic principles such as listening, empathy, fun and kindness, helps steer us to create a service that is logical, quick, and easy to engage with. Life is too short for poor user experience; by combining the best technical solutions with human centred “common sense” we want to be a brand that gives relief to those dealing with us”.

One of the most significant technical improvements to the site is the experience for storage operators listing their facility. They can now do this themselves in a matter of minutes. By simply adding a few details, the Explorage platform pulls data from a variety of sources to speed up the process, and the user is swiftly led through the steps. Once live, their storage space is accessible to anyone visiting Explorage.com to make a reservation instantly.  

Anna explained, “A big difference with Explorage is speed. We understand that customers don’t want to be waiting around for a quote or availability. Instead on Explorage, they simply see what is available, at what price, and make a reservation there and then. This difference is also significant for storage operators receiving the reservation, as it means they can capture more customers from a wider demographic any time day or night.”

Another significant improvement to the site is the ability for storage operators to add and edit their own unique FAQ’s and selling points, and for storage customers to be able to see these at a glance. Anna notes, “We know that differentiation and limited customer experience are among some of the UK storage industry’s concerns – and they are very valid points. Such challenges are a great opportunity for us to create and test various solutions, that in the longer term can only help to grow the industry and customer understanding as they become more effective”.

The new Explorage.com platform is being welcomed by storage operators across the country. Dean Daley, Commercial Operations Manager at Blue Self Storage in Cardiff, said: “The new Explorage.com site looks great, and we’re looking forward to hopefully reaping the future benefits that the platform offers operators within the storage industry.”

Explorage.com is quickly becoming the go-to marketplace for customers looking for self storage, and the new and improved website is sure to solidify its position as a leader in this space.

Lisa Rogerson, creator of the “Help for Movers” guide to moving house, military wife, and #QueenOfMoving award winner commented: “It’s wonderful to see the new Explorage.com site live. It is a great improvement and will no doubt make finding and booking self storage a lot easier for house movers”.

Speaking about the milestone, Anna said, “We are thrilled to launch the new Explorage.com platform and continue our mission of making life easier for everybody. I’m so proud of our team who reflect everything we are about. They never tire of innovating and striving to deliver the best results for our rapidly growing storage operator network and customers, and we’re incredibly excited to be continuing our journey with them”.

Pryderi ap Rhisiart, Managing Director of M-SParc, where Explorage is based, said “We at M-SParc are proud to support Explorage, and their ambition to be a global company.  This type of innovation is born in Wales and can thrive in Wales.  It’s exciting to see this company developing and thriving, and creating jobs for local people.”

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