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Creating clusters in North Wales!

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Still in the first months of her new role here at M-SParc, Ffion Davies has already got up to so much!

Growing up on Anglesey, surrounded by the amazing Eryri landscape, with the strong tides of the Menai Strait and the Irish Sea never too far away from home it was always an ambition of Ffion to work in the Low Carbon sector and this blog looks back at her first 2 months in post doing exactly that. 

Ffion’s goal is to make sure that the next generations not only get a greener planet but also good career opportunities in Anglesey and the wider north Wales area. With a background in Marketing and Communications, Ffion graduated at LJMU with first-class honours in Business and Public Relations and feels lucky to have had two local jobs right after college allowing her to return back home. She’s crossing her fingers for the same luck for others in the future, especially with so much focus on renewable and sustainable energy.

Hear it from Ffion herself: 

On my first day with the Egni team, I stepped into the role of a Low Carbon Cluster Support Officer, focusing on clusters like the Offshore Energy Alliance, North West Nuclear Arc, and HyCymru. The moment I entered M-SParc, I could sense the team’s lively and dynamic atmosphere. Attending the Monday morning meeting was an awe-inspiring experience as I learned about the diverse range of projects. It was evident that each day would bring something new, and I was eager to fully immerse myself in my role as a Low Carbon Cluster Support Officer. 

During my first week, I had the incredible opportunity to embark on a boat trip to the Gwynt Y Mor windfarm, organized by RWE and the Offshore Energy Alliance to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2023. As a part of the Offshore Energy Alliance, which I support, and with RWE as industry partners, I was amazed to be a part of this event. Meeting and connecting with numerous inspiring women from the industry was truly rewarding. The Gwynt Y Mor turbines, with their 107m rotor diameter, 84.4m hub height, and 137.9m height to blade tip, stood at an impressive 150m above sea level, a fact that truly hit me as I looked up at them from the boat, feeling both awed and dwarfed. 

The M-SParc Tenant BBQ was an amazing chance to mingle with the remarkable people who make up the M-SParcecosystem. Through games, laughter, and engaging conversations, I discovered the immense potential that thrives within this community. It’s not just a typical workspace; it’s a lively centre of innovation, collaboration, and ambition that sets it apart. 

 The inauguration of Westinghouse’s “Decommissioning Hub” at M-SParc as they became tenants marked a significant event. Serving as the base for their Environmental Team, the hub supports decommissioning projects both locally and globally. This development brought great news not only for M-SParc but for the Anglesey community and beyond, as Westinghouse plans to fill 15 new positions with local people, to bolster their decommissioning efforts. The event was attended by representatives from the US Embassy, corporate partners, and local community members, all eager to embrace this exciting new chapter for Anglesey. 

The Eisteddfod event allowed us a special chance to impart knowledge about the low carbon energy mix in north Wales to families and kids. Using our team’s specially-made energy village models displaying wind, solar, nuclear, and hydro energy, our aim was to educate and sparc inspiration in the younger generation. Witnessing the curiosity and excitement in the children’s eyes as they eagerly absorbed information and explored the potentials of a greener future was truly heartening. This experience further emphasized the significance of nurturing an early comprehension of our natural resources and their immense potential. 

Looking ahead, there’s a lot to anticipate: 

 Nuclear Week in Parliament alongside the North West Nuclear Arc, offering a chance to discuss topics like new builds, Advanced Nuclear Technologies, the fuel cycle, and decommissioning with Parliamentarians. 

•  Joining forces with the M-SParc team for #ArYLondon, a week-long tour spotlighting Wales as a hub of innovation. Industry, academia, finance, and government representatives will collaborate in hosting a series of exciting events. 

 Diving deeper into the realm of Hydrogen Energy, aiming to unlock its potential within north Wales and the broader region. 

 Participating in the Labour and Conservative party conferences with The Offshore Energy Alliance. 


As my first two months of being part of the Egni team at M-SParc has unfolded, I realise that my passion for renewable energy and securing a sustainable future is ever-increasing. By working as Low Carbon Cluster Support Officer I hope to make a significant contribution to my local community and further afield by maximising on the low carbon opportunities we have here in north Wales. There certainly is a promising bright (and green!) future ahead of us.  

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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager

Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.