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Ffwrnes Gym

About Ffwrnes

Our tenants and team are incredibly busy, so its important they have easy access to everything they need to look after their health and wellbeing. Caffi Tanio can provide them with a whole host of healthy food and drink options, but what if you want to hit the gym after a long day of work?

That’s where Ffwrnes comes in! With access to our tenants provided on a membership basis, our gym has everything you could need to look after your physical and mental fitness after a busy day at work.


Equipment available:

  • Two Pulse Fitness Concept Two Rowing Machines.
  • One Pulse Fitness Low Impact Elevation Treadmill.
  • Three Pulse Fitness Group Cycle Spinning Bikes.
  • Full Pulse Fitness Dumbbell rack.
  • 2 Gym Benches

Tenants, please watch the below induction video. The treadmill, bike, and rowing machine are all at the M-SParc gym and can be seen at 9:40, 11:46 a 13:18 in this video. Use the contact link at the bottom to let us know when you’re ready to join, and we’ll get you set up!

Ffwrnes costs

6 months


12 months


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Want to join Ffwrnes?

Get in touch with Emily, who can help you complete your membership!