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M-SParc tenants receive Funding for Success and rewards for collaborating

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M-SParc has once again been able to use this year's profits to provide additional support for tenants, to help their companies grow and thrive!

M-SParc’s Funding for Success grant was established to provide tenants and virtual tenants with additional funds to support them grow, develop a new route to market, or employ!

£14,000 has now been awarded to tenants including –

  • Pelly; To create shareholder agreements and receive trademark support. Essential work which would be a huge financial burden for a start-up.
  • PlantSea; To test their seaweed films on industrial lines, taking them a step closer to commercialisation!
  • Fortytwable; To buy a drone, enabling a new agritech focus to the business.
  • Bleeper Services; Creating a full-time job, managing their new e-commerce website.

M-SParc was also able to support collaboration between tenants.  The building is full of like-minded individuals, and the services they require is often right on their doorstep…or in the office next door!  To strengthen this community, tenants who collaborated are rewarded with M-SParc contributing to part of their costs.  These collaboration vouchers provide up to £200 of the cost of the service provided, and have to date supported:

– KOPA give marketing support to both BaseLab Health and Loyalty Logistix
– IE Engineering receive support from Dolen HR and The Business Pod
– Pelly gain financial advice from IP Tax Solutions
– EvoMetric work with Bleeper services on software Development

Lois Shaw with Gianmarco, co-founder of PlantSea

“It’s fantastic that we can give this additional support to our tenants, taking them closer to commercialisation and helping them create jobs, ultimately driving forward the economy of north Wales

Lois Shaw, Business Support & Project Development Officer




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