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The Success of the GreenTech Accelerator

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The GreenTech Accelerator, a 12-week programme developed to accelerate the growth and impact of environmentally focused businesses, has concluded with positive outcomes. It was delivered in partnership by M-SParc and Tramshed Tech; the beginning of further collaboration opportunities between the two organisations. 

We’ve had 12 companies with the potential to contribute to a more sustainable future Pan-Wales join us on the programme. They ranged in their activities, from start-ups looking at carbon capture and storage, to measuring the carbon footprint of the media sector. Others were assessing the role of digital in the transition to net zero and using wool by-products to make more efficient products. Each one had a shared goal of taking their companies further, faster, and knew the accelerator was a sure-fire way to achieve this.

Over the course of the programme, we’ve covered pitching, investment, sustainability, green finance, story-telling, and had some great peer-to-peer and one-to-one sessions along the way too! All were bespoke, focused sessions tailored for the low carbon sector and with the aim of driving the companies forward.

Industry experts were one of the key advantages to joining – this is where the peer-to-peer learning came into its own, allowing the accelerator cohort to learn from those already trailblazing in industry.  It’s not just about a one-off session either; it was a way for our cohort to make new connections and become better informed and networked within industry. We know many of these interactions have already led to long-term discussions. The programme is designed to leave a legacy!

My background is in science, and I’ve never set up a business (or even thought about it if I’m honest!) so for me it was great joining in on the sessions to learn about how to develop a pitch deck and tell a good story, and to hear some of the amazing ideas and innovations from the cohort.

Here in the Egni team at M-SParc we work across the low carbon sector and so it was fantastic to be able to share out knowledge, insights and connections with the cohort and hopefully provide some unique perspectives.

“I’ve been very pleased to be welcomed on the Greentech accelerator cohort. I’m an Energy Tech developer looking to make connections with stakeholders, potential partners, and investors.

The content has been incredibly helpful at this stage in our development, both the wider investment, business and marketing workshops and the targeted net zero and decarbonisation expert seminars.

I have been able to engage with the speakers after the talks on a 1 to 1 basis and have planned ongoing engagement and to take up potential opportunities in the near future, as I hit my innovation and development stage gates. Exciting times ahead and I thank both M-SParc and Tramshed Tech for facilitating and driving the project forward. I certainly recommend for future cohorts. A valuable opportunity to learn in a supportive and insightful environment.”

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Jamie Sheridan
Robert Lim Inventions Ltd

Feedback is vital to better the programme, so I’d like to thank Jamie and the rest of the team for being open and honest about their experience.  We can develop and amend the programme for the better, and continue our partnership with Tramshed Tech, to create a stronger Low Carbon ecosystem pan-Wales.

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