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Digital touches almost every aspect of innovation and our lives.

M-SParc is at the centre of innovation in North Wales and digital is at the heart of that innovation. Digital enables every industry from energy to transport, agriculture to tourism; there isn’t a sector that hasn’t been influenced by digitisation and digitalisation. 

Increasingly our public services, healthcare and education services are underpinned by digital, touching both our personal and professional lives daily. Digital skills these days are essential. 

The Digital team was established in 2022 to provide specialist digital support to our ecosystem and beyond. Interacting with local organisations, supporting startups and tenant companies, enabling collaborative digital projects across all sectors and into our communities. 

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Tom Burke - Digital Innovation Manager

Tom is the CEO of hybrid online event platform Haia, and M-SParc’s Digital Innovation Manager since October 2023.

Rhodri Williams - Cyber Security Degree Apprentice

Born and raised in Gaerwen, Rhodri is one of the first members of the Skills Academy. Rhodri works with tenants on data annotation for artificial intelligence, computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, as well as M-SParc on the Road. As part of his role, Rhodri is studying BSc Applied Software Engineering at Bangor University, which includes network understanding, data ethics and writing in Java, Python and HTML programming languages.

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Services and Support

Clusters and Groups

M-SParc supports and nurtures our local digital ecosystem by playing leading roles in various industry clusters and groups. Read more about them below. We are also interested in supporting other digital industry groups, get in touch if you think you are part of a sector that would benefit from an industry leadership group. 

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Agritech.Cymru Cluster 

M-SParc established the Agritech.Cymru cluster to develop partnerships and connections between like-minded businesses and researchers in the field. To place Wales at the forefront of the latest revolutions in agriculture. Find out more about exciting projects and opportunities in the field, our partners and how you can get involved. 

The Agritech.Cymru cluster offers members: 

  • 1–to-1 Support to help you grow.
  • Peer to Peer connections, to help you work together and collaborate.
  • Access to mentors to help you grow.
  • Access to funding.
  • Meet other businesses and researchers in the sector.
  • Be the first to know about events and opportunities in the sector

Visit https://agritech.cymru/ to find out more. 

Welsh Parliament Cross Party Group on Digital in Wales 

The Welsh Parliament Cross-Party group on Digital in Wales contributes to ensuring that Wales is well placed to benefit socially and economically from the digital sector. The group takes a broad look at digital and its role in contributing to a positive future for Wales in areas such as the economy, services, skills and inclusion. 

M-SParc act as secretariat to the Cross-Party group on Digital in Wales, helping to advise on topics to discuss and sourcing experts in their fields to showcase and advise the Senedd members and their representatives on important aspects of digital. 

Previous Cross-Party Group on Digital in Wales meetings have covered topics such as: 

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Skills
  • Agritech
  • Digital in Health and Care
  • Digital and Net Zero
  • Language Technology
  • Tourism Technology

You can find out more about the group including minutes of the previous meetings on the group page: Cross-Party group on Digital in Wales

Regional Skills Partnership Digital Skills Employer Cluster Group 

As part of our commitment to developing the digital skills North Wales needs to thrive, M-SParc are members of and currently chair the Regional Skills Partnership Digital Skills Employer Cluster Group. The group aims to develop a collaborative, coordinated and targeted approach to digital skills challenges so that the region has a clear vision and set of priorities. 

M-SParc have coordinated digital skills events in collaboration with the Regional Skills Partnership such as our 2022 Digital Skills and Careers Expo which was a significant success. 

The event had some incredible results with graduates and young people being offered interviews with local employers!” — Karen Smith, National Training Federation Wales. 

Initiatives such as the skills Expo bring together those who have the skills and ambitions face-to-face with the very employers in the digital sector across north Wales that are looking to hire them. To focus on all the fantastic opportunities in the region for people to work in digital or design. 

To learn more about the Digital Skills Employer Cluster Group see the relevant sections on the Regional Skills Partnership website. 

Our Focus Areas

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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager


Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.