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Building capacity, projects and partnerships in Low Carbon

Low Carbon is at the heart of everything M-SParc does.

M-SParc is a key part of the low carbon focus of North Wales, linking to exciting developments taking place on the ‘Energy Island’ of Anglesey, and across North Wales. We are the buzz at the centre of this activity, placing ourselves and our tenant companies at the heart of new and exciting developments.

The Egni team was established in 2021 to provide specialist support in the low carbon sector and to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities in this sector across North Wales. The team work across a range of projects from supporting the offshore wind sector to new nuclear, from advising companies on how to reduce their carbon footprint to planning how to reach net zero by 2030! The Egni team are passionate about creating a more sustainable Wales by helping the environment and ensuring we all reach our net zero commitments and by creating new exciting opportunities across the low carbon sector in north Wales. 

Innovating for the Environment

Supporting the region's decarbonisation ambitions

Aiming to be a Net-Zero company by 2030

Connected to developments in Nuclear, Tidal, Wind, Solar and Hydrogen energy

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Dr Debbie Jones - Low Carbon Innovation Manager

Debbie gained her PhD in Nuclear Chemistry from the University of Manchester in 2016 after which she spent 3 months working for Hitachi Research Labs in Japan. Since returning to North Wales, Debbie has worked as a project manger for Bangor University across the Low Carbon Sector.

Debbie is passionate about Low Carbon Energy and how local developments and opportunities in this sector can help both the environment, the local businesses and community.

Rhodri Daniel - Low Carbon Officer

Rhodri Daniel is a member of the Low Carbon team at M-SParc, supporting new developments within the region, stimulating the green economy and its wider supply chain. He has an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, and has spent 10 years in academia and industry (apart from a three-year stint touring the world in a rock band!). Rhodri has extensive experience in leading projects, with a particular focus on the low carbon sector, and brings excellent project management and bid-writing skills to the team. 

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Our Focus Areas

Image of Wylfa site from above
  • M-SParc are leading members of the North Wales Nuclear Arc, and working on projects at both Wylfa and Trawsfynydd.
  • We are supporting Cwmni Egino and the Wales Nuclear Forum.
  • Our Low Carbon Team has developed strong relationships with the NAMRC, the NNL and Rolls-Royce.
  • As a Bangor University Company, we have strong links with the Nuclear Futures Institute at the University.
  • M-SParc is the home of THOR – the Thermal Hydraulic Open-access Research Facility.
  • We are hosting BULLET – the Bangor University Lead Loop for Erosion Testing.
Waves forming in the ocean
  • We’re supportive of a number of local and reginoal projects and actively working to help progress them where possible.
  • Some developers of the Morlais tidal stream project benefit from office space here at M-SParc.
  • We have worked to develop a number of opportunities to support the Minesto project.
  • M-SParc has strong ties to academic excellence in marine renewable energy research and innovation at Bangor University.
Multiple Wind turbines in a field in front of a mountain


  • M-SParc is the accountable body and secretariat for the Offshore Energy Alliance and working closely with local developers.
  • We are supporting EnBW BP with office space at M-SParc and connecting them with local supply chain links.
  • Our team is working hard to develop RWE Opportunities through Awel Y Mor.
Water Drops


  • We are a supportive stakeholder of the Holyhead Hydrogen Hub and we’re exploring the potential for Hydrogen use at our site in Gaerwen.
  • There is much potential for Hydrogen Pilot Projects on our site.
  • We have academic links to hydrogen storage expertise through the ‘Materials Energy Research Lab in Nuclear’ at Bangor University’s Nuclear Futures Institute.

Solar panels on the M-SParc roof


  • M-SParc is working hard in supporting supply chain and skills opportunities for local projects, and has recently installed 30kW on the roof of the building in addition to our previous solar capacity on site.
  • We are members of Community Liaison Group for the Porth Wen Solar Farm Project.
  • M-SParc has links to a number of Research and Innovation opportunities relating to efficiency of solar power.

Academi Skills member Enlli Presenting about CO2 in a meeting room


  • We have strong partnerships with local groups, including housing authorities, to support broader decarbonisation ambitions across the region.
  • M-SParc is working with Grwp Cynefin to decarbonise social housing.
  • We are exploring the possibility of developing a Low Carbon Research, Development & Innovation house near our site.
  • We are working towards our ambitions of being Net Zero by 2030, becoming Wales’ first Net Zero Science Park!
A drop of water on a leaf that has a reflection of the earth


  • We’ve committed a lot of resources to offfering low carbon reviews to companies across the region to help them understand their carbon footprint.
  • M-SParc has significant expertise within our Low Carbon team to conduct Life Cycle Assessments.
  • We have broader sustainability links through our  Business Support, Skills work and Welsh Language values.
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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager


Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.