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Give your business idea the spark it needs!

A ground-breaking new platform to transform the way you grow your business

MySparc is the first online platform and app that allows you to have a digital connection to business support, on your terms, in your own time, in one place.

MySparc can help:

  • People with ideas, start-ups and small businesses.
  • Support agencies, hubs and incubators.
  • Angel Investors and Mentors.

We are now accepting our first batch of testers for the MySparc app for iOS and Android. Invites are available through Enterprise Hub M-SParc, B-Enterprising ac M-SParc.

Manage your business journey, with all the support you need

Follow tasks set by your support agent

Review and see your business plan come to life

Pitch to potential investors

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What does MySParc do?

If you’re starting a business, whatever the sector, you can access support through MySparc. You’ll link to a business support agent, and be matched to a dedicated advisor (yes, a real human! Ready to support you!). All your interactions, business plans, events, and advice, ready to access, in one place! Because accessing support shouldn’t be one more thing you need to worry about.

Access all your clients, in one place. MySparc allows you to approve clients, download their information into pre-existing checklists and forms, provide advice, access their business plan, and keep all this information in one easy-to-manage space. MySparc will integrate with existing platforms, such as Eventbrite, avoiding duplication and allowing a more streamline approach for your clients.

From £1,000 to £50,000 – if you want to start investing or are looking to expand your portfolio, MySparc is for you. You can view companies by sector, location, or investment amount. Innovation right at your fingertips, ready for you to engage with.

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Interested in exploring MySParc?

Lois, our Business Support Officer, is here to help you!

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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager


Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.