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M-SParc On Tour

We're excited to have the chance to take our tech on the road with our #OnTour programme.

M-SParc is more than just a building of bricks and mortar - its a movement!

M-SParc is #OnTour around Conwy and Gwynedd for the next three years, setting up for at least three months at each location.

The tour involves bringing M-SParc’s ethos of innovation and inspiration to new communities, to stimulate businesses and encourage more people to take an interest in science and technology. 

Access the Ffiws Maker Space

Use the Hot Desks, Co-working space and WiFi

Access free events, workshops and training sessions

Take advantage of our 'Test Trading' opportunities

Close view of Prusa 3D printer next to printing filament

What we do On Tour

Our ‘On Tour’ locations are be a temporary home to all the activities which take place in the flagship building on Anglesey, including a Ffiws Maker Space, hot desks, co-working space, business, design, technology and innovation workshops and seminars, as well as science and technology sessions for young people.

In 2019 and early 2020 M-SParc went on tour in Bethesda and Botwnnog, engaging almost 700 people in four months in a project to promote, stimulate and support businesses in the Technology and Science sector to grow in the region. In September 2021 we went On Tour to Colwyn Bay and have established a location this year in Caernarfon as well, engaging and exciting new communites all the time!

The tour is a direct result of M-SParc wanting to deliver a regional impact in the Creative, Science and Technology sectors, to stimulate businesses and encourage more people to take an interest in science and technology.

By being rooted in the communities of north-west Wales, M-SParc will inspire the next generation to take an interest in these vital sectors and foster collaboration between industry and Bangor University.

Ben, profile photo on the first floor of M-SParc

Want to know more about our On Tour locations?

Our On Tour and Ffiws Manager, Ben, is here to help!