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Welsh Language Hack

An event to inspire and invest in innovation in language technology!


Online event

08 February, 2022


About this event


M-SParc and the Welsh Government are working together to host the second Welsh Language Hack. This time, your challenge is to increase the everyday use of the Welsh language in an accessible way! Access to investment from a fund of £50,000 is available to the winning ideas.

The Challenge

At the moment, it is likely that there are dozens of innovative ideas ready to be developed, but that the individuals or businesses do not have the money to make them a reality. That’s where the Welsh Language Hack comes in!

In particular, we will focus on helping to make the Welsh language accessible. Do you have an idea that allows people to have better access to Welsh every day or supports learners and allows them to practice their Welsh?

Welsh is for everyone; do you have an idea that can help support the language?

How will it work?

This is a special opportunity for you to let us know about your idea. It will be measured against several factors, before being approved for you to pitch to the Hack panel:

  • Will it help increase the use of the Welsh language every day? (Notifying them of the need to switch to another language when using technology, for example)?
  •  Is this a new idea, which does not exist and is not similar to other ideas which are being trialled?

Go to this page for more details and to share your idea. It is a good idea to ‘bookmark’ the page, where information will be added.


To finish:

Register for the event on the15th of February. You are welcome to come and watch even if you don’t want to pitch this time. In this online event we will be asking people to come up with solutions to the challenge. There is a limit to the time available, so we will choose who pitches.

A panel of judges will select the winning ideas. And the winners will get investment to bring their idea to life.

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