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Welsh Language Hack

An event to inspire and invest in innovation in language technology!


Online event

July 1, 2022


About this event


The Welsh Government and M-SParc are delighted to launch the first Welsh Language Hack, with the challenge of increasing the daily use of Welsh throughout Wales using innovative technology solutions, with financial support from a £92,000 pot available for the winning ideas to bring their innovation to life.


To increase the use of the Welsh language – not using more Welsh in technology, but using technology to help people use more Welsh. Technology in language learning is motivating for learners, promoting interaction and collaboration within learning, whilst offering the flexibility to use a combination of tools and methods to absorb new information efficiently.

At the moment, there are likely to be dozens of innovative ideas ready to develop, but individuals and businesses don’t have the funds to make that happen. That’s where the Hack comes in!

How will it work?

On the first of July, we heard from the Welsh Government and various speakers on what the challenge was!

Missed it?  See the session, including the chat, here.

Want just the chat file to access the links? Download it here.

Welsh Language Hack Final: Wednesday, July 13th, 1pm- click here to register.

This is round 2 – your chance to impress us with your ideas. Ensure you’re ready to present an idea which is well informed, well presented, deliverable and with a clear impact. We suggest you bookmark this page, where information will be added and where you’ll submit your idea post-presenting.

At this online event we will be asking people to offer solutions to the challenge. There is a limit to the amount that can be offered, and it is emphasized that looking at the commercialization of the product is the answer. The winning teams – chosen by a judging panel – will secure investment to bring their idea to life.

You can register for the event whether you are pitching or not, come along and see the show! If you are pitching you must complete the below form.


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