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International Business

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M-SParc can support businesses who are moving to the region and we’ll go the extra mile for you to make your move and investment in the region as easy as possible.

There’s inevitably questions and concerns that you may have over investing and operating in a new territory and we have the experience and the knowledge to answer your questions. Questions you may face and challenges you perceive include:

  • Taxation and Company Registration
  • Human Resource and Employment Law
  • The business eco system and support networks
  • Academia, expertise and research
  • Employability, finding skills and talent and recruitment
  • Government contacts and support
  • Industry collaborators

Soft Landing
An example of how it is done

Micron Agritech, an Irish Company, were successful in securing Agri Hack funding. This allowed them to a move a new base into Wales, and M-SParc was able to support them by providing: 

  • Links to Bangor University to support their research, including A.I and Parasite research specialists.
  • Collaboration opportunities with M-SParc tenants, providing them with the opportunity to expand their network and work closer with Welsh businesses.
  • Links to local farms, including Bangor University, Glynllifon, and Llysfasi, where they could make use of livestock samples.
  • Support with recruitment, such as presenting at the M-SParc employability event, advertising their roles on the M-SParc website, introduction to local recruitment agencies, and outreach to Bangor University graduates.
  • Micron Agritech also joined the M-SParc Agri Cluster, providing them with greater visibility in the sector and further opportunities for collaboration.
  • A supported lab space, and assistance to register their business in the UK.
  • We introduced Micron to industry partners who have a demand for their products and will help them scale in the UK Market. 

Trade Visits

We are passionate about promoting our tenants internationally as well as here in Wales and therefore arrange and support our tenants to attend various international trade visits.

Trade Visit: Dublin

A successful trade visit was had to Dublin in March 2022, with some of our tenants and representatives from our eco system. 

Opportunities were had to meet with and visit teams and tenants from the Guinness Enterprise Centre, Tangent Trinity College Dublin and TU Dublin along with the Welsh Government for Ireland team.

Trade visit Germany

A great time was had in Germany in September.  Our tenants, Haia, Fortytwoable, PlantSea and Bleeper Services joined us on the 3 day visit where we got the opportunity to visit Science & Technology Parks in the Baden-Württemberg area and meet with other international start-ups.  We also attend the Start-Up Summit in Stuttgart, where Lois presented about M-SParc and the importance of our ecosystem. 

MIT Visit

Our visit to MIT in October proved inspirational for the cohort of 16 who took part in the weeklong visit. Supported by the Welsh Government’s Industrial Liaison Programme with MIT we were afforded the opportunity to meet with a range of stakeholders in the MIT eco-system. The visits were inspirational, and the de-brief session held in M-SParc surfaced new collaborative opportunities and ideas that had been developed as part of the visit.

Lois Shaw, profile photo

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Tom Burke

Digital Innovation Manager

Tom used to work at the KFC in his hometown of Colwyn Bay before it mysteriously burned down. He then spent several years “on the lam” in East Germany, where he worked as an animator in Berlin. When the wall fell, Tom came home.

He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.