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Bangor University is proud to be at the heart of M-SParc

We are committed to bringing our expertise, facilities and people into play for the benefit of the region. Our strong academic performance allows us to work with not only our students, but also local individuals, organisations and businesses to develop their knowledge and skills.

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For over one hundred and thirty years we have been at the forefront of teaching, learning and knowledge creation

Drawing students and staff from all over the world, we offer a vast pool of experience and capacity from our very diverse campus in Bangor as well as through our extensive collaboration with international universities.

We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations, businesses and community groups and have another great facility for students, staff, businesses and the wider community in Bangor University’s Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre in the heart of the city of Bangor.

Through our research, we have a major impact around the world according to the independent national assessment of research quality. In fact, more than three-quarters of Bangor’s research is either world-leading or internationally excellent. Our Research Impact Case Studies illustrates some additional examples of this high-quality research.

From the major contribution we make to protecting the environment, bilingualism, and improving health and wellbeing it is clear that the research carried out by Bangor academics is having a major economic impact as well bringing significant benefits to the lives of people around the world.

These are remarkably impressive results for us as an institution, and we’re determined to work with businesses to share this knowledge and expertise and to create wealth and opportunity for people in north Wales and beyond.

Bangor University recognises that working with business, industry and enterprise is of vital importance

  • Ensure real world relevance and impact of our work on economy and society (see our Research Home Page)
  • Provide our staff and students with work experience and professional development opportunities which improve their employment prospects and enhance their teaching.
  • Most importantly, help our business and industry partners become more innovative, develop and grow.


The University’s “Working with Business” web pages highlight how we can help through the provision of:

  • Business Facilities and Networks
  • Training and Continued Professional Development
  • Funding for Placement, Partnerships and Collaborative Research
  • Expertise and Knowledge Exchange
  • Recruitment and Development of Students and Graduates
  • Innovation and Enterprise Support


To view current programmes and initiatives, and for contact details of key staff that can help with each of the above, visit Working With Business.

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Our partnership with Bangor University gives the M-SParc community excellent access to world-leading research that can help develop their business, as well as opportunities to tap into Bangor's talented pool of students through degree apprenticeships, internships and more!

Pryderi ap Rhisiart

Managing Director of M-SParc.

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25 by 25

At M-SParc , we are proud to announce that we are working with Bangor University on their ‘25 by 25’ campaign. The project aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by the year 2025. Setting targets and way points on our journey towards Net Zero will be a crucial part of the challenge, as a seemingly impossible task can be completed by creating steps along the way. This project also turbocharges the work necessary for us to calculate a ‘baseline’ that we will be reducing by 25%. By investigating our current emissions, we will gain important insight into our current activities, giving a holistic overview of where we could do better.

At the heart of the 25 by 25 project, are new ideas. We will be working closely with not only our colleagues at Bangor University, but crucially we will be working alongside students – the future! Students were invited to submit ideas and initiatives on how the University could reduce its CO2e emissions.   We received over 40 proposals from students and staff which were assessed by a panel of representatives across the University.

If you have any great ideas about how to reduce emissions, or have any questions regarding the project, please get in touch with Rhodri on the Low Carbon team!

Igniting Ambition Bursary

Prospective Students!

M-SParc is offering 3 bursaries to support students who are interested in pursuing the Engineering Meng degree– the valid degree UCAS codes are: MEng H608, BEng H607, BEng + Foundation Year

We have a focus on Welsh Speakers and females, two groups we wish to focus on due to a specific gap that we’ve identified on the Park and in the region.

We will be funding 3 people who meets the following criteria with a bursary of £3,000 each :

  1. Are Welsh speakers and from the local area
  2. Are women*

As an organization that is dedicated to supporting the growth of the local economy, we recognize the importance of investing in our community’s future. We believe that by offering bursaries to female students and Welsh speakers and from the local area, we can help to address the under-representation of women in the field of engineering and support the development of a diverse and talented workforce.

For Welsh speaking local students, we are aware that there is a feeling that ‘nothing happens in north Wales’ and that you’ll have to move away to find opportunity here.  We know that this isn’t true and so we want to provide you with the option to stay in your local area to study, and to find industry placements.

For female students, we are aware that only around 28% of STEM workers are female, and we know that equal opportunities for women in STEM help to close the pay gap, increase economic security for women, and creates a diverse workforce, with less bias in their research, products and services.  Role models is one of the only things proven to encourage girls and women to stay in the STEM sector and so in addition to this bursary, we will ensure you are provided with a female mentor or role model who is either also on your course, or linked to the department, and who will support you while you’re in your first year.

We encourage all eligible students to apply for this bursary and take advantage of this opportunity to pursue their passion for engineering at Bangor University.

*Please note that if you are non-binary but AFAB, then it is your decision whether you wish to apply for the bursary for women, and we will welcome your application.

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