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Pelly scores success through the Angel Network

Charlie Jones

Pelly, a company that has benefited enormously from our Level Up accelerator, is developing software to support the process of recruiting football players and they are currently raising funds.

For more information about Pelly watch this short 2-minute promotion video:

Raising Funds

They are currently looking for up to £250,000 to get their business off the ground and through the Angel Network, they have managed to score funding of up to £50,000 that will be extremely beneficial to their business!

This will not only give them a kick start to their business venture but allow them to apply what they learned in the Level Up accelerator to their business.

They said that having “Pelly credit the Angel network for contributing to their first investment, which is exactly what the network is here to do”

Angel Network

Want to learn more about companies like Pelly who raise funds or want to mentor them? Join our angel network to get an update on why opportunities like these arise….https://m-sparc.com/angel/

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