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Plant4Plant: Planting Trees at M-SParc

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A March of Green Initiatives at M-SParc

This March, M-SParc is embarking on a mission to turn the season green with two significant tree-planting events. Our initiative sees the planting of 250 Christmas trees alongside more than 100 hedgerow trees, two projects that brings together community, sustainability, and learning in an exciting way.

Collaborating for a Greener Tomorrow

In a special partnership with local schools Canolfan Addysg Y Bont and Ysgol Esceifiog, we’re introducing the “Plant4Plant” project. This initiative isn’t just about planting trees; it’s about sowing the seeds for a brighter future. All proceeds from the project will directly benefit Canolfan Addysg Y Bont, supporting our community’s heart. Our aim is to plant 250 Norway spruce trees at M-SParc. These trees will not only make our site greener but also serve as living classrooms where children and visitors can learn about biodiversity, carbon foot printing, and even the entrepreneurial aspects of running a sustainable business.

The concept is simple yet innovative. The trees, planted in pots which go in the ground, will be rented out during the Christmas season, only to return to M-SParc afterwards. This cycle ensures that the trees continue to absorb carbon dioxide all year-round, supporting our environment while bringing joy and sustainability into our homes each Christmas.

I’m really excited about the tree and hedgerow planting, having more trees will help increase the biodiversity on site, and improve soil and air quality and help us capture CO2 as we work towards our goal of being NetZero by 2030. The added opportunity to work with schools to encourage business enterprise and sustainability through the Plant4Plant programme will be great for the community and for the future.

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Dr Debbie Jones
Low Carbon Innovation Manager, M-SParc

Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirits and Environmental Stewards

The Plant4Plant project goes beyond environmental conservation. It aims to cultivate entrepreneurial skills among students by creating a learning hub focused on tree planting, environmental education, and business development. Students will engage in creating business plans, solving problems creatively, and applying mathematical skills, all within the context of environmental awareness.

The Case for Real Christmas Trees

Why opt for a real tree over an artificial one? Real Christmas trees contribute significantly to environmental conservation, absorbing carbon dioxide while offering a sanctuary for wildlife as they grow. In contrast, artificial trees, made from non-recyclable, non-biodegradable plastics, pose a environmental concern due to the greenhouse gases released during their production and the carbon footprint associated with their transport.

A 2 metre artificial tree can produce up to 40kg of carbon emissions. In comparison, a real tree, when grown sustainably and recycled into wood chippings, results in a far less 4kg of carbon emissions. For an artificial tree to have a lower carbon footprint than a real one, it would need to be used for over a decade. However, rented pot-grown trees present an even more sustainable option, offering the joy of having a living tree in your home without the environmental guilt.

Expanding our Biodiversity

Our commitment to enhancing biodiversity is further strengthened through planting 105 native trees from the Woodland Trust. These trees will expand our hedgerow, offering young people and volunteers a hands-on opportunity to contribute to our ecosystem. This initiative aims to increase the variety of birds and bugs at M-SParc, enriching our local biodiversity.

Embracing Sustainability

Our initiatives at M-SParc are more than just planting trees; they’re about planting ideas, fostering growth, and a sustainable future. By engaging with local schools, the community and volunteers, we’re not just cultivating trees but nurturing a richer, more diverse ecosystem.

The expansion of our hedgerows is a testament to this commitment. These living barriers are vital in enhancing biodiversity, creating corridors for wildlife to thrive, and offering refuge to birds, insects, and plants.

We encourage you to join us in this green journey—not just in the spirit of Christmas but as a year-round commitment to sustainability. Whether by participating in our planting events, opting for a living Christmas tree, or simply sharing the message of biodiversity and conservation, every action counts.

Together, let’s plant the seeds for a greener, more biodiverse tomorrow, fostering an environment where both nature and communities can flourish side by side.

Contact Molly

Let me know if you would like more information or would like to volunteer with our tree and hedgerow planting!

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