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Plans unveiled for ambitious second Science Park building

Charlie Jones
Photo above : Pryderi ap Rhisiart (MD M-SParc), Ieuan Wyn Jones (Chair), Professor Edmund Burke (Bangor University Vice Chancelor) and Dr Debbie Jones (M-SParc, Low Carbon Innovation Manager)

Wales’ first dedicated science park reveals plans for developing a second building on their Anglesey site, as the first building approaches capacity.  The additional space will enable Bangor University’s Science Park; M-SParc to continue their work supporting businesses to grow, creating well-paid careers for local people, and inspiring future generations.  

Just 5 years after opening the doors of its first building, M-SParc is ready to grow again! With a focus on supporting companies and research in the low carbon sector, and developing skills and employment opportunities, M-SParc 2.0 will help deliver M-SParc’s mission to ignite ambition and innovation for a sustainable Wales.  

The additional space allows M-SParc to continue ensuring that well-paid careers are created in the region. These careers include roles in technical support, research, marketing, accounting, admin support and other areas. Companies at M-SParc pay salaries of over £5,000 per year more than the Wales average. The new building already has outline planning secured and will be designed to tie-in to the existing landscape design of the science park site.   


Pryderi ap Rhisiart, Managing Director of M-SParc, says “We’re excited to finally make this announcement, and particularly as we hear about the Freeport status for Anglesey, and the growing urgency around decarbonising the country, it can’t come at a better time.”  

M-SParc 2.0 focuses on the low carbon sector and builds upon the University’s research strengths. M-SParc already has an established Low Carbon ‘Egni’ team who have been researching and hosting events in the sector, conducting Low Carbon reviews for companies across the region, and working towards M-SParc becoming the first science park in the UK to reach NetZero by 2030.  

M-SParc was established by the University to diversify the economy, create well-paid careers, and ensure companies do not have to leave the region as they grow. This objective has been met, but M-SParc will continue to work hard to ensure that North Wales is known for innovation.  Over 200 new careers have been created since 2018, and with initiatives like Dewch yn Ôl to help those who’ve left to move back to North Wales, and the Skills Academy to support people into industry, this number is increasing month-on-month.  M-SParc have doubled the team’s size this past year and continue to grow.  

Bangor University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Edmund Burke, said “ As a University, we are delighted to see our Science Park developing plans to grow and show real ambition for the economy of North Wales.”  

This expansion will continue to create well-paid careers for people and inspire future generations, while also focusing on supporting companies and research in the low-carbon sector building on the strengths of the University. The plans for development align with Bangor University’s values and our strategy for the future, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact of this project on the community.” 

Pryderi continues “The new building will also facilitate our work to bridge the skills gap in the region and provide high value employment. It’s essential that young people are aware of the opportunities for careers regionally, and know that they do not have to leave to find work. We have also taken M-SParc #OnTour across the region, to ensure everyone can access opportunities in the science and tech sectors, no matter how rural their location.  It’s a very exciting time to live in North Wales!” 

This project is in the early stages of development, and we will continue to announce new developments as things progress. On 13th of June, anyone who would like to learn more about M-SParc and the next phase of development are invited to our “open house” event, where staff will be available between 15:30-18:00 to answer any questions. Tours can also be arranged and booked online at  https://m-sparc.com/events .If you can’t make it but want to ask any questions about the building or discuss low carbon work, e-mail the team at egni@m-sparc.com . More information about all the work we have been doing so far and more can be found here:  https://m-sparc.com 

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