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Wales Nuclear Forum Event 23/01/2024

On Tuesday the 23th, the Wales Nuclear Forum held their event – Decommissioning & Beyond: Supply chain opportunities within the nuclear and wider low carbon sector at Bangor University’s Reichell Hall.

The event was attended by over 60 members from across the nuclear sector in Wales; including Debbie, Ffion and Molly from our Egni team, who helped organise the event.

It was great to help organise the WNF event Decommissioning & Beyond: Supply chain opportunities within the nuclear and wider low carbon sector. There are so many opportunities in north Wales and it’s really exciting to be at the forefront of these sectors. I especially enjoyed getting short introductions to some of the companies who attended the events, there is so much bredth and depth in the supply chain here and I’m excited to see how it develops.

Picture of Dr Debbie Jones

Dr Debbie Jones

Dr Debbie Jones, Low Carbon Innovation Manager, M-SParc

The event featured presentations about opportunities for the supply chain in decomissioning. According to a presentation by the NRS (Nuclear Restoration Services), there will be over 500 new roles needed to support the site programme at the Trawsfynydd site alone; over 350 of these will be sourced from the supply chain.

Other supply chain opportunities in the low carbon sector were presented on offshore wind and tidal, with transferrable skills across them all. As well as presentations on a wide variety of opportunities, it was also a great networking opportunity.

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Tom Burke

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He enjoys climbing and hates ice-skating.