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This is the M-SParc ethos

Our Mission

We all have great ideas. But how many become reality?

Turning initial ideas into successful ventures requires something, and somewhere, extra. Something to ignite ambition, something to energise, somewhere to sparc a better future. Businesses built from great ideas at the cutting edge of science need expert knowledge, skill, support, encouragement and investment to succeed.

This is where M-SParc can help; by providing an energising work environment, bespoke business support and unrivalled facilities.

Pryderi ap Rhisiart Presenting to entrepreneurs in the tanio area

The right space, tailored to each company, will encourage businesses to grow

M-SParc has been established to provide a range of advantages and benefits for knowledge based businesses.

We understand the need to create an environment which will deliver not only sustainable but well paid job opportunities. Due to the nature of the companies and businesses on site and the focus on knowledge based science, M-SParc will offer high level and high quality jobs, allowing our clients to avail of the abundant supply of highly educated and skilled employees in this region.


Our spark, your imagination

The perfect mix to unleash your full potential.

M-SParc is much more than a great business opportunity; it will provide something extra and will house companies that can provide high level jobs as they grow.

We’re ready to ignite a powerful engine of opportunity in North West Wales. Are you?

M-SParc team building group photo, working outdoors
Pryderi ap Rhisiart, profile photo in meeting room

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